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Video Prospecting – 3 Reasons You Should Adopt it this Year

Video is taking over the internet. That’s undeniable. Cisco has predicted that by 2020, video will account for 82% of all internet traffic. So if video is becoming such a necessary part of a company’s internet presence, why are so many B2B companies not making use of it as part of their strategy to build pipeline? Using the phone, email and social media to reach out to prospects is great, but it’s 2019, so if video prospecting isn’t on your agenda, you’re at risk of falling behind in the race to win new business.

Here are 3 reasons why video prospecting should definitely be a part of your lead generation toolkit.

1. Video is More Engaging

How many videos do you watch each day on the internet? 10? 20? 50? Whether it’s on your social media accounts or on your favourite websites, we’re guessing it’s a lot. And there’s a reason for that.

Video is more engaging than other formats, and for those with short attention spans, it keeps their interest as it’s easier to digest.

How often do you skim-read an article? Fairly regularly, we’d wager (although hopefully not this one!). But how often do you ‘skim-view’ a video?

Not often, particularly if you can see that it’s only going to take 90 seconds of your time to watch the whole thing. Research from HubSpot found that video was the type of content that prospects consumed most thoroughly.

Using video prospecting to reach out to potential customers means you’ll be able to engage with them in a way that you wouldn’t be able to in a generic sales email or through an approach on social media.

Forbes Insights’ research found that 60% of business responders would watch a video on a web-page before reading any text. That’s taking into account that many web pages have video, so you can imagine how much more impact it has for prospects receiving a video message within an email, where the prevalence of video is much lower.

2. Video Prospecting is Still Innovative

We’d guess that you spend a portion of your day, every day, deleting emails. You might delete some after a quick skim of the contents, or some without even opening them.

Why? Because you already know what you’re getting, most likely some generic sales information about the company.

The better sales emails may reference some of your business goals or challenges, but unless there’s a pressing need, they’re not likely to elicit a response from you.

But how many emails do you get that contain not only a video within them, but a video message personally addressed to you? We certainly don’t at Punch!

Which is why on the rare occasion that we receive one it makes us sit up and take notice. It indicates that we’re dealing with a company who are forward-thinking and innovative. In short, they work.

And the statistics back that up. We don’t often blow our own trumpet, but we feel it’s important to point out just how successful the approach is for Punch! Our video prospecting emails have generated the following metrics:

  • Open Rate – 79%
  • Click Through Rate -47%
  • Reply Rate – 11%

If you’re not sure how these metrics stack up against industry standards, Practical Ecommerce suggest that an open rate of 20-30% is good and that you’re a ‘could-be-guru’ if you’re clearing 50%.

They also say that a 10% click through rate is decent, and that if you’re clearing 20%, be proud. I’ll let you decide where 47% puts us!

3. It’s Easy to Produce

The barriers to any adoption of new technology are usually the expense and accessibility of the technology itself.

How useful would it be to conduct a meeting with your clients or prospects using a virtual reality headset? You’d still get the personal interaction of a face to face meeting, without anyone having to leave their own office.

But until the technology becomes affordable enough to be commonplace, it’s not a realistic ambition.

However in 2018, it’s so quick and easy to record video that there are really no excuses for not using it.

You can use your webcam to record a personalised video message in less than a minute, and it doesn’t take much longer to then insert that video into an email.

We’d still recommend using the tried and tested methods to get through to prospects; phone, text emails, social media. But there’s no reason why you can’t use video prospecting as another tool in your sales toolkit.

All you need is a laptop, headphones with a mic, and a quiet space and you can start video prospecting today.

Want proof that it works? Here are our top 5 responses to one-to-one personalised video messages!